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Air Pollution

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Environmental Science
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Running Head: AIR POLLUTION 1 Air Pollution Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date AIR POLLUTION 2 Indoor Air Pollution is as Serious as Outdoor Pollution Air pollution is a serious environmental issue today. With the increase in industrial activity across the globe, society has become too familiar with terms such as radon, smog, ozone, asbestos, lead, and carbon monoxide. We see on the news, reading on the papers, and possibly experiencing in our lives some of the dangerous consequences of air pollution- perhaps through allergies, congestions and complications of breathing system due to exposure to smog or carbon monoxide poisoning in extreme cases. Despite the evidence of increasing air pollution, we cannot fail to recommend governments as they have established regulations in an effort to minimize the harmful effects of pollution. For instance, we have seen regulations target vehicles manufacturers to reduce their emissions while pollutant emitting facilities are regulated through standards. In the United States, the federal government involvement in controlling air pollution dates back to 1970 when the Clean Air Act was introduced (Hansen, 2018). While the regulation has undergone various changes over the years, its purpose is mostly still the same. Other countries around the world have their own version of the Clean Air Act. Unfortunately, there is a big flaw with the regulations across the globe. Just like the Clean Air Act, all these regulations apply to ...
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