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fundamentalism of religion




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Islamism/jihadism is religious term used by Muslims from the time of Prophet
Muhammad to signify an obligation of a believer to struggle. Jihad commonly referred to as a
holy war is a quranic word that has always explained the duty for Muslim struggle either
spiritually or physically in the determination towards the will of Allah
. Key Muslim scholars
have always argued jihadism as an obligation by Muslims to fight for Allah and against Muslim
oppression by use of the sword or the ultimate sacrificing of a believer towards a Muslim
struggle in an act called mujahedeen. The word jihad originates from the Quran with 41
appearances stressing on the crucial practices that a Muslim believer is called to accomplish in
this world. The term can be used to wage a war against non believers in a measure for religious
expansion as well as territorial defense of a Muslim empire. It unites all Muslims in an obligation
to struggle in deep oneself to build a good society by fostering peace and calling against
secularism, external influences and the conservation of the Islamic culture. In the quranic hadiths
The Quran. !! "" """#$"%!$

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sahih Muslim claimed that Islam is peace and it calls for all Muslims to fight for peace and attain
submission to Allah
, he referred jihadism as a collective responsibility and insisted on its
validity to solve religious problems, to instill the knowledge of the law while appraising good
and shunning bad in the society.
The society has generally had the deep meaning of jihad signifying the presence of a
lesser and greater jihad, generally signifying the non violent and violent respectively. It’s highly
controversial where Muslims are called to unite and by the sword fight against non believers,
sacrificing one’s life for Allah. It’s assumed a noble duty towards god that comes with a reward
as a divine duty towards the true worship of god
It has variably been defined as a measure to
attain peace, a living principle in Islam, the struggle to achieve the requirements of Islam and the
struggle to achieve one goal in life.
The world of today is in the wake of dealings pertaining terrorism. Acts of violence coupled
with political values aggravated with hard-line religious faiths have emerged a key disquiet in
today’s world. This paper therefore assesses the impacts of religious fundamentalism in Islam on
the social and economic setup of any given country. This explains the loss of lives, loss of
confidence among the citizens of a country as well as the tumbling of tourism industry in the
respective countries.
Terrorism has claimed several lives since 1960s in the first crusade in the
The Quran. !! )$#,"!!%
-./A short history of the Middle East, from the rise of Islam to modern mes,.012.
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4456Religious fundamentalism.789: !"!$+,)%

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