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Poverty Scrooge The Cratchits The Spirits Point Quote analysis Quote analysis Quote analysis Scrooge is used as Malthus’ mouthpiece and also represents the Victorian audience, as their views on poverty are established in the beginning, as they are too greedy to even help anyone, but as the story develops, Scrooge starts to understand more and realises they need help, something the audience need to realise to ‘Decrease the surplus population’ - Scrooge was Malthus’ "What right have you to be merry... you're poor mouthpiece, as they both shared the views that poverty is enough" - Scrooge believes that only money can bring the cause of overpopulation, and that those in poverty happiness, and that those in poverty don’t deserve to should be treated like objects that can be killed or be happy due to the position they are in, but restricted, as they are the cause of food shortages, the use ironically, Scrooge is the one unhappy, despite being of economical language highlights that people are of value a rich old man, Dickens clarifies that despite being if they are profiting Scrooge, and also suggests the poor poor, they still appreciate life and are happy and are just numbers to him and dehumanises them, the grateful for what they have Victorian view on poverty at the time "I'll raise your salary, and endeavour to assist your struggling family" - Scrooge’s character has now changed as he promises to support Bob and his family, as he realises they need support ...
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I was struggling with this subject, and this helped me a ton!