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Bus 508 Describe the Culture at Devils Den






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Bus 508 Describe the Culture at Devils Den?
The Culture at Devils Den is that of a laissez-faire attitude where things
are done in an uncontrolled manner. There are rules and regulations but
these rules are not applied by managers. Employees demonstrate and
practice unethical behaviors and go unpunished. Employees who are
students steal food and give to their friends. Some even take home food
which is a practice that is against the rules. The managers at the Den
either do not care or are afraid to enforce rules and regulations.
Identify and discuss the drivers of unethical behavior at the Devil’s Den.
The drivers of unethical behavior at the Devil’s Den are the lack of
proper control by the management of College Food Services (CFS)
which is a contract company that runs the restaurant business at the
school. Because of laxity in management, employees get away with
unethical behaviors and this only go to embolden them to keep on doing
things they know is not allowed such as accessing the unlocked storage
door to retrieve food for their own personal gains and self-interests.
The managers do not want to take action because they feel this would
deter the student employees from working for CFS. The contract
company only pays a little over the minimum wage level. The pressure to
entice employees to CFS makes management to look the other way
when employees practice unethical behaviors. This is evidenced when
an employee was caught pocketing money from the register and he was
not threatened or punished because he was a very hard working
individual who was willing to put in long hours of work at low pay.
Management knew it would be difficult to get a replacement if he was
Discuss how the organization may go about changing its ethical
The organization can change its ethical standards by taking a look at its
code of ethics, enforcing rules and regulations and punishing those who
break rules. The wage rate could be increased and incentives given to
employees who are committed to ethics, duty conscious and excel in the
execution of their job duties such as Susan. Top management could also
eliminate the idea of student managers and bring in outside managers

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who are not students. This would eliminate the urge of giving favors to
fellow student friends.
Discuss what Susan might do with her knowledge related to the freebies,
favors to friends, and employee snacks?
Susan could approach the management of College Food Services and
brief them with her concerns. The top management might not be aware
of all the unethical behaviors taking place at the Devil’s Den since it is
mainly under the control of students. She could also confront her
coworkers and try to educate them about the need to be ethical at work.
But since she has an eye on becoming a student manager in her senior
year and fears confronting the unethical behaviors might turn colleagues
against her and jeopardize her chances of becoming manger, I suggest
she should just hold on and wait when she becomes a manager. Then
she confronts the situation head on.
Discuss the fears about being a whistle blower and how it may impact an
organization’s ethical standards.
This would likely cause and uncomfortable work environment for
employees. The whistle blower would raise issues that would be
supported by coworkers and yet detested by others. This would create
an environment of mistrust which is not good for an organization. In
order to achieve organizational goals, employees have to work and
cooperate with each other. But when that trust is broken, and employees
do not have the trust of each other, this is not good for the organization
as a whole.
Discuss how the company’s commitment to global citizenship provides
positive benefits for its stakeholders.
The main focus of any business is to make profits and satisfy its
stakeholders. So Microsoft in focusing on global citizenship brings in
customers and revenue that provides benefits for its stakeholders.
Citizenship responsibilities at Microsoft involve serving the needs of
communities and fulfilling its social and ethical responsibilities to the
public. Microsoft is an internationally recognized company and it does all
in its power to be socially responsible worldwide. The company has as a
mission the helping of people and businesses worldwide to realize their
set goals and objectives. Microsoft does this through the use of

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technology, expertise and available resources to help resolve local and
global concerns.
Discuss how Microsoft plans to improve social and economic
empowerment in developing countries through its Unlimited Potential
Microsoft has as a vision and has made it a responsibility as a company
to help create social and economic opportunities wherever the company
or its employees work, live, and do business. Microsoft has gone in to
agreements with partners and has created social opportunities by
applying technology to a range of pressing social issues in many
developing countries. These include and are not limited to supporting
nonprofits organizations, education, humanitarian needs, healthcare,
energy and environmental sustainability. Microsoft also uses technology
to improve social and economic empowerment in developing countries
by creating economic opportunities and jobs. Through its core business
and global programs, Microsoft has worked to strengthen local
economies by supporting workforce development, IT infrastructure,
research, innovation, and access to technology wherever it does
business all around the world.
Discuss why corporate citizenship is important to Microsoft shareholders.
Corporate citizenship is important to Microsoft shareholders because it
helps the company to balance its strategic actions to benefit
shareholders. When Microsoft takes on socially responsible and
corporate citizenship behaviors such as donating to charities and
investing in environmentally friendly practices, it earns the respect and
confidence of shareholders. Microsoft also makes a difference in society
by donating monies to charity organizations, operating in an ethical
manner and making its working environment very friendly, attractive and
a great place to work for. All these corporate citizenship attributes go well
with shareholders.

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