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Running head: BOOK REFLECTION 1 Book review: Bengali Harlem and the Lost Histories of South Asian America Name Institution BOOK REFLECTION 2 Introduction Bengali Harlem is a description of the interactions that took place in the US around the 1950s considering the increased immigration that was taking place. Vivek Bald portrays the history of Muslim-Indian of the working class who had moved to the US for trade and making an impact into this rapidly developing society. This group of migrants were peddlers but had much presence in the American docks, waterfronts, tourist resorts and factories. The book analyzes the aspect of a multiracial society with shared responsibilities from different backgrounds towards the development of the economy. The Muslim south Asians chose to settle in areas highly accommodated by people of color which increased the working class in these regions. The author focuses on explaining the experiences of these migrants and their impact into the American social, cultural, economic and religious activities through the interactions they made. Book presentation With respect to the book title, the author reviews some of the problems and experiences encountered by Muslims in their trade and travelling across the United States in search of the market for their goods. With a rich background of the earliest Indians into the U.S, Vivek Bald narrates the experiences the first ally trade based and exploration driven Indians as well as South Asian visitors. Th ...
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