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XBCOM 275 week 7 persuasion




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Persuasion is a process which aims at changing a person or group’s behavior or an attitude
towards some person, event, idea, and object with the use of spoken or written words to convey
feelings, information, or reasoning. In simple words it means the action or process of influencing
someone to do or believe something.
In order to persuade a manager, you should be very certain of what you are
going to talk about. It does not mean that you need to prepare a sort of formal report or
presentation every time when you are going to talk something important. But there will always
be a need to do research and try to relate things with facts & figures because managers tend to
influence with quantitative figures rather than qualitative terms. And search for things which are
not yet presented by any of your peers.
Peers are those which are at same level means having same position. To
influence a peer, one should approach them informally. Things should be explained practically
by giving them real life example so that a peer can get some sort of benefit out of it.
To persuade a challenging person is one of the biggest tasks. These are the
people who will keep on arguing against your facts and ideas. Therefore you need to look into all
possible loopholes or objections that might be raised against your ideas. They will prepare
themselves for criticizing your ideas and facts. In case you have gone through thoroughly for
your proposal, you can over the challenging person by showing them solutions of all possible
loopholes in your proposal.
Open minded person is one who is having broad perspective. But it

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should never be confused that chances of argument will be lesser. Preparation needs to be done in
this case also. Because the perspective is broader so each and every benefit of the proposal needs
to be worked on. As in case of challenging person, focus was on working out negative aspects,
whereas in this case all positive aspects need to be worked on. Though the chances of acceptance
is more as compared to challenging person, still efforts should be laid on presenting logical
solutions to the arguments.
The persuasive approach will be different in each case because the mindset is different in all the
cases, as the position changes the thinking of a person do changes.

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