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Soc 312 W4 Child Family &Society D2




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After watching the video the power of one, the situation I would like to describe is student
Timmy. Timmy was bullied by his mates many a times and when he helped one of his mates by
offering food, he really felt ashamed and supported Timmy when he was again going to be
bullied by his mates.
Bullying is unsolicited, violent behavior among school aged children that implicates a real or
perceived power inequality. The behavior is frequent, or which has the possibility to be repeated,
time and again. Bullying may consist of actions such as spreading rumors, making threats,
confronting someone verbally or physically, and not including someone from a group on
Now the child who is being targeted must be advised to not to lose hope and maintain friendly
relation with his mates, this situation will not be going to continue for long time. Don’t try to
stay away from your mates, try to be friendly with them. The child should never be said to
remain quite every time.
The child who is exhibiting such behavior should be advised to stop such acts, as these kinds of
incidents will only create impression for short time. Slowly and slowly his own friends will try to
avoid him for such a rude behavior. The child should never be appreciated for the bullying he
does with his mates.
The suggestion to be reinforced in classroom is strict vigilance for the student who does bullying
by giving them warning and punishments if committed again in future. And at home parents
should never let their child lose hope as in the case of Kendra who left the place. Child should be
mentally and emotionally motivated them to remain firm and never let bullying affect them in
any of the ways.

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