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300 upper level vocabulary test 14 englishtestsonline com

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Upper Level Vocabulary Test 14 1. I had to sign for this letter because it came in ________ envelope. 6. A) a recommended B) a registered C) an endorsed D) a receipted E) a sealed 2. When I bought this clock I was given a six months’ ________. A) drew in B) drew up C) drew along D) drew out E) drew off 7. A) reservation B) guarantee C) undertaking D) safeguard E) security 3. A ________ for the company said that the question of safety regulations was being looked into. 8. When you come to the crossroads, you will see the ________ showing the way to Middleton. A) advertisement B) signal C) signpost D) announcement E) indicaannouncement tor During the war there was so little food that it had to be ________. A) preserved B) regulated C) rationed D) retained E) re-distributed 5. Her shopping bag broke, ________ its contents all over the road. A) dispersing B) dispensing C) scattering D) overflowing E) distributing A) speaker B) spokesman C) spokesman D) reporter E) interpreter 4. She ________ all her savings from the bank to pay for her flight to Australia. 9. The crops in this field have all been ________ with insecticide. A) sprayed B) washed C) rinsed D) cleaned E) disinfected Mr Jackson is permanently ________ as the result of a car accident. A) dislocated B) incapable C) disabled D) powerless E) inactive Take this test ONLINE: Upper Level Vocabulary Test 14 10. I can’t use my hair- ...
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