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Being a preschool teacher the situation in which an extrinsic reward is given to preschooler is
when a child does bad habits and bad words or language being spoken by the child. The other
situation in which extrinsic reward given is to make them active and participative in class and
extracurricular activities. These situations could result in learned helplessness because more the
extrinsic rewards are offered more the will be the child's expectations. As offering extrinsic
rewards will lead to desire for reward only instead of learning something new. This will surely
act as a hurdle to child's learning
Now the same child can be intrinsically motivated by setting
good performance of other children an example to him or by praising other child in front of all
children in the class and getting him an applaud. This thing will create an inner desire for a child
to get recognition in front of entire class. Second thing that can be done is by appreciating the
work done by the child and giving him or her good remarks. This will also help build confidence
for better and best performance for coming times
To conclude the situation i would like to say that extrinsic
rewards will only satisfy the child's greed as it will not have much impact for longer period
because of expectations whereas in only intrinsic rewards will be helpful and will act as a
learning for future also. So efforts should always laid on intrinsic learning instead of extrinsic

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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.