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Psy107 sample good tma01

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PSY107 TMA01: Sample Good TMA TMA01: Navigating a Research Article You are required to access a journal article entitled “Supertaskers: Profiles in extraordinary multitasking ability” from Google Scholar and answer questions that require you to identify various components of the research article. Question 1: General Information a) State the title of the article. (1 mark) b) State the name(s) of the author(s) of the article. (1 mark) c) State the name of the journal, the year of publication, volume number, and page numbers. (2 marks) a) “Supertaskers: Profiles in extraordinary multitasking ability”. b) Jason M. Watson and David L. Strayer. c) Journal name: Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, year of publication: 2010, volume number: 17, page numbers: 479-485 Question 2: Introduction The Introduction presents existing theories and relevant past research studies providing the bases for the current research problem. Statements of the expected results are made at the end of the Introduction. a) Identify the main aim of this research study. (5 marks) b) According to the article, what has previous research in this area shown about driving and having a cell phone conversation at the same time? (5 marks) c) According to the article, why do people claim that they are not impaired when they use a cell phone while driving? (5 marks) d) Identify the two hypotheses of this research study. (6 marks) a) To examine the relationship between individual differences and multitasking outcome ...
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