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Quality Management Plan April

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Running Head: QUALITY MANAGEMENT PLAN Quality Management Plan Institutional Affiliation Date 1 QUALITY MANAGEMENT PLAN 2 Project Name: Revitalizing of the Williston VTC Green Introduction: This quality management plan is based on the revitalization of Williston VTC Green. The management of Vermont technical college is interested in the construction of a coffee shop to act as a social joint for students, faculty and community members. The coffee shop will also act as an income generating activity for the college. The completion of the construction of the coffee shop project will also ensure the creation of employment opportunities to the needy students. The project will provide more room for recreation and will ensure the landscaping will be done putting to practice the best practices of sustainable horticulture. Quality Standards: The project will have to meet certain quality standards to ensure it satisfies local, state and federal regulations. This includes; • Ensuring the construction site is secured with a physical fence • Ensuring the construction crew is well trained on safety and wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE) which includes safety glasses, construction gloves and hard hats • Ensuring that the construction of the coffee shop utilizes materials that are environmentally safe • Ensuring the professionals engaged in the construction of the coffee shop are competent and qualified. This includes architects, civil engineers and quantity su ...
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