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EDU 301 Federal and state involvement in education




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Review the Department of Education website.
What is the federal and state government's involvement in education?
According to, education is mainly a State and local
responsibility. It is up to the State and its communities to establish the
schools and colleges, create the curricula, as well as regulate
requirements for enrollment and graduation. Just the same, education
funds are made up mostly by state, local, and private sources. “This is
especially true at the elementary and secondary level, where about 87.7
percent of the funds will come from non-Federal sources”(
2014). Congress established the U.S. Department of Education mainly
for these reasons: to make sure everyone has equal educational
opportunity, supplement the efforts of the states, local school systems,
institutions, organizations, parents, as well as the students to improve the

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quality of education, encourage the involvement in federal education
programs, promote improvements in the quality and usefulness of
education, improve the coordination and management of federal
education programs and activities, and lastly to increase the
accountability of federal education programs to the president, the
congress, and the public.
References (2014). The Federal Role in Education. Retrieved from (2014). Mission. Retrieved from

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