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Topic # 3: Influence of Platforms and Gadgets in Humans Name: Carlos Santamaría Level: 11A Whatsapp Instagram because there is ease to communicate regardless of the distance because they can do wrong things I think that's how it will stay ANSWERS 1.The most po´pular social media are whatsApp, with an attention of 98% of the country´s internet users. 2. Personally I am not obsessed or I do not feel obsessed with social networks ine I could live without being connected to social network for days or even weeks. 3.I think that 24 hours a day is too much; since a person´s life should not be based only on the time they spend with their friends, either personally or vitually. 4.They are good to interact in a reliable way and help to better manage social recognition for jobs. 5.The should not have access to social media accounts, because you have to give your children confidence. Why not? = Because there should be a trust and as much as parents to review their children´s networks and also theirs in giving them permission. 6. The future of social networks for the next few years will be productive, due to their ease of purchase and sales they will haves a great impact on the future. ...
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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.