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Article Summary The Facts Of Evolution

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Running head: THE FACTS OF EVOLUTION Article Summary: The Facts of Evolution Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation 1 THE FACTS OF EVOLUTION 2 Article Summary: The Facts of Evolution Michael Shermer’s article “The Facts of Evolution” highlights some of the most controversial and important issues that arise from Darwin’s famous theory of evolution. In the larger part of the article, Shermer is in support of evolution and he goes on to provide several viewpoints that enhance its validity. At the same time, he refutes conflicting lines of reasoning by showing why Darwin’s concepts are the strongest among all ideas on the origin of life. Without a doubt, Shermer’s arguments are in line with Darwin’s evolution theory and claims that there is no way an Intelligent Design could have made so many mistakes that are constantly being correctly through evolution. Shermer’s points out that prediction and observation are fundamental facets of science, and therefore he supports the approach that Darwin used when he was advancing the theory of evolution. Darwin first came up with the theory and then went ahead to observe and test it. Shermer advises scientists that they should be careful when publishing theory. They should only publish such theories when they have proven their positions and arguments by observation. In this vein, the author believes that most of the arguments against the evolution theory on the basis of the approach that Darwin are unfounded and sub ...
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