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IT 280 Week 9 Final Project Computer Maintenance.Training Manual




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Computer Maintenance and Training Manual 1
This computer maintenance guide will help clients to install new hardware to a computer
or substitute the present hardware. It will also give safety guidelines to avoid
unnecessary problems with the computer hardware. This training guide informs the user
of it as to the different types of the hardware a computer may have and what the
performance of these parts should be.
This computer maintenance and training guide mostly concerns the security,
maintenance and cleaning, the inner parts set up and maintenance, and principles for
supporting I/O tools, multimedia and mass storing devices and so on.

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Computer Maintenance and Training Manual 2
1. Part I - Safety
Primarily we are concerned with the security regarding ecological, power protection, dirt,
static, and heat problems, and the downloading of illegal programs into the computer.
1.1 Safety and the Environment
While maintaining and/or repairing a computer, many tips need to be followed to defend
you and the surroundings against harm. This segment summarizes the maintaining of a
secure office and reduces the damaging effects on the atmosphere. Computers and
their peripheral devices are electronic; therefore, many issues of safety depend on
electrical energy. But, when we operate this equipment, there are many other issues to
take into consideration.
Several computers and peripheral tools (particularly printers) are made of consumable
or recyclable parts. To assist in keeping our atmosphere harmless, one must be
conscious of these items and they must be used carefully.
Examples of recyclable items which need certain disposal are:
Toner and cartridge sets.
Circuit panels.
Chemical solvents.
Make sure to follow the manufacturers' suggestions for recycling and/or removal of any
of these particular items. A few things, for example the toner cartridges, even have
prepaid shipping labels to enable them to be returned for suitable disposal.

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