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Animal Rights

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Surname 1 Name Professor Course Date Animals Should Have Similar Rights with Humans People should put into consideration giving animals similar rights with human beings and this is because just as human beings deserve those rights, animals also do (Garner 122). The disregard of human rights has gone a long way even to attracting cases in courts of law and some of these law suits sought to have animals being given similar rights as human beings and be treated just the way human beings are treated (Milligan 8). Animals should be given similar rights because they have the ability to suffer just like human beings. According to Grandin, animals, just like human beings, feel loneliness, pleasure, fear, motherly love and frustration depending on the circumstances they are in (35). Therefore, it is important for people to consider this aspect when they want to take any action which may have an impact on the animals and interfere with their needs. According to Garner, some factors which must be considered are; ability to hold preferences, pain sensitivity, and the autonomy of an animal (124). Moreover, people should also put into consideration that animals have an inherent worth that is tot ...
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