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POS 421 Server Roles for Installing Windows Server R2 week 1 (4)






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Installing Windows Server Networking1
Server Roles for Installing Windows Server 2008 R2 Option 1
University of Phoenix
POS 421
There are many server roles when it comes to Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2.

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Installing Windows Server Networking2
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 helps to manage your servers identity and your
systems information which is a big plus for many businesses such as Kudlers Fine Foods.
The first role is Active Directory Domain Services. This component is a major plus when
it comes to your server. This service will help Kudlers Fine Foods because it stores
information about all the users, the computer and any other devices connected to the network.
AD DS helps the administrator because it securely manages the information and stores the
resources shared between the users. Another role is the Active Directory Certificate Services.
This service will help Kudlers Fine Foods with managing and issuing certificates in software
security systems that use public key technology. This helps to identify the requestor, issue
certificates and stop or revoke certificates. There are many applications supported by Active
Directory Certificate Services which includes secure/multipurpose internet mail extensions,
VPN, IP security, encrypting file system, smart card login as well as secure wireless networks.
Active Directory Rights Management is another role that helps protect any digital
information from unauthorized use. Kudlers Fine Foods can assign certain rights to certain
employees with this role such as who can open, read, change, print or forward any company
information. Active Directory Federation Services is another role that allows users to have a
web sign in capability which lets users authenticate to different web applications by just logging
in with one single user account. Another major role that will help Kudlers fine Foods is the
Application Server because the server can be used to host and manage all of the critical business
applications that the company needs to use. One major component also is the DHCP server,
which the Windows Server does play a huge role in. The DHCP server is what assigns an IP
address to any machine that is connecting to the network. This is critical because if the machine
can’t get an IP address, then they won’t be able to communicate with the network.
The fax server is another role which allows Kudlers to send and receive faxes, and also
allows Kudlers to manage their faxes such as reports. File Services is another role that is

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Installing Windows Server Networking3
beneficial to Kudlers fine Foods because it is basically storage management. The server holds all
of the company’s information, helps with file replication and fast file searching such as clients.
Print and Document Services is a great role because it can centralize the print server and network
printer management task. This will help Kudlers print and receive scanned documents from
network scanners and then route the documents to a shared network resource.
Another role is Remote Desktop Services. With this role users can access Window based
programs that are installed on a remote desktop server from almost any computing device.
Another role is Hyper V which will let Kudlers create and manage their virtual computing and
allow them to run multiple operating systems at the same time. This will also help with their
computing resources by using more of their hardware resources. Last but not least is the
Windows Update Services. This role is extremely important because it will allow Kudlers Fine
Foods administrators to receive specific Microsoft updates that should be installed and to make
certain computers have different sets of updates as well as obtain reports on the computers that
received the updates.
Windows 2008 R2 has many new security support features that are built in to it. Since
Kudlers has three locations security is a major factor. BitLocker Encryption is one of
many. This security is beneficial to Kudlers Fine Foods because it helps to protect any lost or
stolen data because it encrypts the volume and checks the integrity of any early boot
components. Branch Cache is also a new security feature. It enables client’s computers in the
branch office to receive information securely and locally. The Network Access Directory is
another one which can now be viewed from the System and Security in the computers control
panel. Web Server is a new security feature that allows you to restrict certain types of HTTP
request that can cause a threat to the system.
There are many server roles that are beneficial when it comes to Microsoft Windows
Server 2008 R2. The roles will help enhance and protect Kudlers Fine Foods company and their

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