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Saudi electronic university
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Running Head: CRITICAL THINKING 1 CRITICAL THINKING AND DECISION MAKING Student’s name Human Resource Management Professor’s name Saudi Electronic University March 5, 2019 2 CRITICAL THINKING Introduction The paper below focusses on human resource management. Human resource management is the approach of an individual to manage people in an organization effectively. Its primary purpose is to maximize employee performance. This should be in line with what the owner of the company wants. Besides overseeing this, they are also in charge of the recruitment of new employees and even rewarding employees for there exemplary work. They act as a link between the owner of the company and the employees. 1. If you are a manager and you are about to take a critical decision which decision which choice will choose of the following. Why? Being a manager of an organization requires that you have good values. Decisions that the manager makes are what drives or collapses the organization. I would make a decision and go for a decision that will minimize the profit in the short run but a legal one. This is because consistency in organization development is the only sure way that the company will thrive. Revenue turnover as the company will begin to increase, and the shareholders in the company will get good returns. It I also more comfortable to do legal business since there won’t be any loophole that will jeopardize the organization. The stockholders will be satisfied with the develo ...
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