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POS 421
This is a service request from Kudlers Fine Foods they want to provide a migration plan for
Windows Server 2008 R2 for their existing stores as well as a plan for network support as the
business expands to surrounding states. They currently have three locations in the state of
California and will additionally add three out of state locations. Kudlers has submitted a service
request SR-kf-015. We have developed a plan for implementation for Kudlers Fine Foods. The
plan will include top priorities or risks that are critical to achieve the expected results. As well as
recommendations needed for the operating system upgrade and the domain model. We will
address how Organizational Units and the Active Directory Domain Services will be
Domain Structure
The following is the domain structures that Learning Team B is proposing for Kudlers Fine
Foods network. Right now the main headquarter is located in La Jolla, California which will
become the centralized Information Technology headquarters. This location will be where IT is
managed as well as the Executive and Human Resources networks. Management and Sales will
be managed at each subsidiary locations which is currently located at Del Mar and Encinitas
Organizational Units
At the Domain level managers are to have access to all management resources. They will assign
passwords at each store location as well as when there are new hires. When there are new hires

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Kudlers Fine Foods 2
the manager will give them password so they can access the point of sale devices.
Active Directory
With the Active Directory service Window Server 2008 R2 Kudlers Fine Foods can make user
and resource management simpler also creating a more secure and manageable infrastructure. A
standard operations procedure will be developed to ensure that there is strict adherence to the
employee security policy in place. This procedure will help the IT department to grant and deny
access without the employees accusing the IT department of playing favorites when they will not
grant access to just anyone that asks for it. The employee security policy will be created using a
template that is well established. An example template can be found at Security /General Policy .doc
When upgrading a network service request there are always risks involved. Sometimes the
biggest threat is the users themselves. If a network has not gone without any upgrades or
attention then that means the longer list of exploits might be vulnerability. Upgrading is not
always easy; it will require new hardware or sometimes additional hardware, a scheduled
downtime, and testing to determine what correct upgrade path to use.
Security Policies
The security policy will be managed by Domain and OUs group policies objects. It will be
created with the balance of minimal impact to the end user, balance of security and lockdown
goals and minimal management overhead and complexity. The domain group policy will
manage the domain complex password policies and other domain security settings. The
remaining GPOs will be created and implemented at the OU level since our plan is to
appropriately create OUs by sites, servers, workstations, users functions and departments. For
example the branch office user GPO will contain the default security and configuration settings
to configure the end user desktop environment, mapping network drives, installing network

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Kudlers Fine Foods 3
printers and configuring settings to restrict access to specific local systems options. This security
policy will insure the proper access for each individual employee as requested.
Server Hardware Minimum Requirements
We know that Windows always have their minimum requirements for the installation and
configuration of their products. From experience and the roles that will be running on these
domain controllers, we will recommend the following minimum requirements;
1. Processor: Two 2.0 GHz dual cores (x 64 processors) or faster
2. Memory: 8 GB Ram or greater
3. Drive / Space: 100 GB partition in a RAID1 configuration
4. Additional drive: DVD-ROM
5. Display and Peripherals: Super VGA (800x600) or higher resolution, Keyboard and
The service request we will be implementing for Kudler Fine Foods, will not only
improve customer service, but will help improve the communications between the stores and
corporate office. The three locations and the corporate office will have a new system upgrade
installed for the Windows Server 2008 R2 network support. As the business continues to grow
there is a need for a network support upgrade to help manage the users, and avoid any hackers or
attackers. The upgrading of the domain structure will have computers and the resources that will
be able to share the common security data, which will be the Active Directory database. Under
the organizational units management of Kudler Fine Foods they will be able to access all of the
management resources. Management will be able to provide and create passwords for all new
employees. With a new and improved Active Directory service Kudler Fine Foods
administrators will have much more control of their users. The administrators will be able to
protect the directory from hackers, or even from the users.

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