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Process Improvement Plan

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Process Improvement Plan
Statistical process control (SPC) has the capacity to offer a vital analytical tool to
adequately recognize if a process contains any defects (Chase, Jacobs, & Aquilano, 2005). It
additionally makes it easier to make a decision regarding any variation pertaining to quality
control and its capacity to become more efficient. The control chart (Figure 1.1) contains the
measurements of the first four weeks which have been plotted (Figure 1.2) based on each day of
the week and the amount of time it took to drive to work per the flowchart (Figure 1.3). Proper
statistical analysis, in combination with suitable planning, offers valuable data in order to make
appropriate decisions based on the pertinent data which was collected. Planning is essential when
it comes to the evaluation of such a process in order to reach the best possible outcome (Chase et
al., 2005).
A possible explanation for the rationale behind the variation in the amount of time it takes
to drive to work is due to the fact there is a hindrance pertaining to the driver's capacity to drive
directly to work. If the driver has an adequate supply of gas, then the automobile has the capacity
to let the driver proceed to the final destination. Nonetheless, if there is not an adequate supply of
gas, the driver must drive to the closest gas station in order to obtain enough gas for the
automobile to be able to drive to work. Once the gas predicament is solved, the remaining flow is
practically free of potential bottlenecks. The control chart for driving to work does not show
major discrepancies except for the fourth week in which the driver had to obtain gas on the
second day (Tuesday). There will certainly be additional discrepancies in the upcoming months
due to expected seasonal factors which will slow down the process. These factors primarily
include weather-related issues. It is known that in winter, there is a rise in accidents, and as such,

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traffic will surely be more congested, causing the process to take longer. Additionally, snowfall
debilitates the stability of the roads, which causes drivers to drive slower. The same holds true in
spring, where the rate of precipitation is elevated causing it to rain more frequently. As such,
there will additionally be more delays. Summer months tend to be the most efficient, as the
weather is typically constant and pleasant. The same holds true for a majority of the fall season.
There are ways in which these bottlenecks can be properly eliminated. One possible
method would involve shifting the process to a more expedient time in which the bottleneck may
have excess capacity. For example, the driver could obtain gas prior to the flow even beginning;
at a time in which the gas station is much less occupied, possibly at night. In other words, the
amount of traffic at nighttime has less capacity to produce the transport of other vehicles, which
would make the process of obtaining gas much quicker. This, in turn, would permit the driver to
drive directly to work every morning without having to drive to a gas station during the flow.
The driver may additionally obtain gas on the weekend, which would also permit the driver to
drive directly to work, although the process may take longer (depending on the time of day). The
driver may additionally consider speeding up the other processes (putting on seatbelt, safely
driving out of garage, driving to work, etc.) so as to reduce the potential bottleneck’s capacity to
slow down the overall flow. When it comes to weather, the driver may opt to leave for work at a
less favorable time which would entail the capacity for less traffic, both on the way to work and
the way from work. The driver may also consider purchasing seasonal tires, which may cause the
vehicle to function more effectively on the road, and at the same time, reduce the probability of
an accident occurring. Additional add-ons such as enhanced windshield-wiper blades may also
make the flow more efficient.

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