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Intergrative Care Models

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Running head: INTEGRATIVE CARE SYSTEMS Integrative Care Systems Student’s name Institution Year 1 INTEGRATIVE CARE SYSTEMS 2 Clinical Partnerships within Integrated Care Models Most Health care systems are facing numerous challenges when it comes to achieving therapeutic goals for their clients. A healthcare system which enables various medical professionals to collaborate, communicate, and work as a team must be established. The integration of behavioral health into the healthcare system will thus help to achieve the therapeutic goals. The attainment of therapeutically goals is done in four distinct stages enabling the patients to recover fully. The essential first step is to assess the patient based on four levels of severity. Depending on various factors patients’ needs and geographic location, the implementation approach may vary. The integrative care(IC) involves the provision of broadbased services by several medical practitioners. Such services may include screening, consultation, psychotherapy, and psychological testing (Sosnowska, 2015). However, these goals involved medical practitioners need to implement the required services based on evidence and not just rational decisions. Therefore therapeutic goals can be achieved by approaching patients with an open mind and applying evidence to recommend treatment measures. Additionally, by promoting good communication among the team members, the IC team would surely achieve the therapeutic goals. Besides this, the ...
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