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= balancing what’s known with unknown to see how existing knowledge relates to what we don't know ~ overcoming barriers = overcoming stereotypes & discrimination + prejudices TRENDS REVIEWER 1ST SEM MIDTERM I. Critical Thinking - Shrewd triage = clever awareness on how to prioritize - Synthesize → not a one-time process ❏ Challenges of the 21st century ~ deeply thinking about any emerging issues ~ solve problems creatively ~ communicate clearly ~ learn fast-changing technology ~ collaborating w a team ~ deal w overwhelming information ❏ 21st century skillz ~ ⚓︎ anchoring = staying focused on important tasks when surrounded by different distractions ~ filtering = managing knowledge flow & extracting important elements ~ validation = determining the value of knowledge, ensuring authenticity, validating people, and ideas ~ deriving meaning = understanding implications, comprehending meaning, and impact ~ critical & creative thinking = knowing the ‘box’ before going out know rules first before breaking them ~ being human together = interacting w a human, not only on a utilitarian level ~ ⓧ acceptance of uncertainty ♻️ ✔️ 🎯 💭 👥 II. Strategic vs. Intuitive ❏ strategic = system/method of analysis that requires deliberate, abstract, & effortful thinking that breaks down something complex; factual-based ❏ strengths - effectively used in dealing with complex problems - An abstract can be dealt with logically ❏ weaknesses - availability of r ...
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