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Bus 210 Checkpoint 1






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Bus 210 Checkpoint 1
The three components of business is; business as a commerce,
business as an occupation, and business as an organization.
The business in my area I would like to talk about is the little store right
down the road here. It is owned by a very nice man from India. His
products fit the area.
He buys and trades for goods that the people around High Island might
buy. There are so many different races and ages that stop there because
it is a mile from the local beaches and they are headed to the beach for
fun, fishing, or both.
So the shelves are stocked with things that these people might buy but
the prices may be a little high because the store is the only one for many
miles. Business as an occupation with this store is that the owner Dave
buys things from a local warehouse that deals in large wallets and belt
There are other small items Dave buys from the same person. So he is
trying the product out and if it sells he will buy more, it they do not sell he
will not be buying anymore because they will not sell so no profit or not

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very much of one. So the man makes the stuff then sells it to Dave who
sells to his customers.
Prices do go up in Dave’s store when the price of his products he buys
from the warehouse, go up. In order to keep his profit margin to stay the
same he goes up in his price to his customers. These are called
transaction costs and they are a part of the business organization.

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