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graded discussion forum week 7 intersectionality controversy

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主题: Graded Discussion Forum, Week 7: Intersectionality Co... ! 此讨论为计分作业:满分 0 分* 截⽌止时间 6⽉月8⽇日 Graded Discussion Forum, Week 7: Intersectionality Controversy David Hoekenga Last year I turned 40, and decided to go on a soul-searching road-trip, driving to to New York City and back, visiting old college and grad school friends along the way. A lot of folks I hadn't seen in almost 20 years. I was raised as a right-wing fundamentalist Christian. I even wrote papers against the theory of Evolution when I was in High School and attended strict Christian College, so visiting these friends was, for me, quite a trip into my past, since I am now a confused center-Left agnostic who is more likely to be seen at his local Zen center or an anarchist bookstore than church. I spent two months shooting tin cans in the desert, eating a lot of wild game, staying in truck stops that only played Fox news, and the weirdest thing? The term, 'intersectionality' haunted by entire trip. My friends from back-in-the-day kept asking me about it. "Are left-wing college campuses as bad we we have heard? Are Christians called out and humiliated as often as is reported? What's Antifa like?” (I was amused by the assumption that I must know people in Antifa, but...well, I do, actually) “Is it true that support for Trump or being pro-life is considered a Hate Crime?" Phrases like, "All this in ...
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