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Discussion 6

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Topic: Discussion 6 ! This is a graded discussion: 4 points due - possible 19 Discussion 6 19 Sam Mickey Water is often something we take for granted, but freshwater scarcity means that we have to think more carefully about how we relate to water. Based on our readings and videos for this module, what are some of the ideas and issues involved with water ethics that interest you? Search entries or author Unread # $ % Subscribe " Reply (https://usfca.instructure.c TTAAYYLLOORR PPOOKKOORRN NEEYY /courses ! ((H HTTTTPPSS::////UUSSFFCCAA..IIN NSSTTRRUUCCTTUURREE..CCOOM M //CCOOUURRSSEESS//11559933444477//UUSSEERRSS//66118899115588)) Tuesday I found it interesting that less than 1% of Earth's water is potable and accessible. Looking at our planet you would think there would be more water available than this because most of our planet is made up of water. Because of overconsumption and overpopulation, water has become a very important resource and it has become limited. I think an issue with water ethics which interested me the most is how people take water for granted and act as if we have a continuous amount that won't run out. In order to change this idea it is important to encourage greater efficiency, rethink current law, and fairly price water. I found the videos and information about bottled water also intriguing. I would have to say I am particularly picky about the kind of water I drink, as i ...
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