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Bus 210 Swot Analysis Wk 4






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Bus 210 Swot Analysis Wk 4
I have chosen to do a SWOT analysis on the internet café business,
JavaNet. As I was going through the business plan I noticed that there
was a SWOT analysis done already by JavaNet. First I was very
impressed by the structure of their business plan and the information
that was in it. The fact they did their own analysis told me there was
much research done prior to doing their business plan. The challenge I
then took on was to compare my analysis to theirs to see if I could find
any discrepancies or improvements with their strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities, and threats.
As I have stated, the business model JavaNet has set up is a very well
developed and researched one. They did a market survey to see if there
would be a need for such services, what types of groups they could
market to and how much people would be willing to pay for such
services. The staff seems to be knowledgeable and the owners are
willing to train the staff on all the technology. The desire to provide an
environment that encourages social interaction, “How to” classes with
top of the line equipment. I am in agreement with JavaNet’s analysis of
their strengths.
There are several weaknesses I see that are not to different from what
JavaNet found.. One major weakness is technology and how quickly it
changes. Since JavaNet is considered a cyber-café, all technology
including the internet must be up-to-date. Keeping up the technology
and all the changes, costs money. Being able to balance the budget and
keep up the technology without forgoing anything will be a challenge.
The largest thing growing at the moment is social networking. JavaNet
has an opportunity to take advantage of fostering these communities at
the local level by providing a venue to meet in person and establishing a
comfortable setting with amenities and programs that are designed to
build customer loyalty. With the growing popularity of the internet there
are more and more users requiring access, so will the need for the

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services offered by JavaNet. JavaNet also has the opportunity for
marketing through social networking sites, some sites offer free
advertising if you agree to promote their site. There could also be
additional revenue available through internet marketing that can be
researched. There are many opportunities available for such a unique
market that can still be investigated.
JavaNet, at this time, is the only one of its kind in the area but as it
becomes successful there may be other business’s looking to open
similar venues or existing business’s looking to expand and offer access
to the internet. By being the first, JavaNet will have established their
programs, services, ambiance and reputation by the time competitor’s
start showing up. The other threat I foresee is with the growing
popularity, the cost of internet will start to fall rapidly, making it much
cheaper and easier for people to gain access in their homes. In which
case there would be no need for venues offering internet for a price.
Based on the information I have read I am in agreement with a lot of
what was pointed out in JavaNet’s SWOT analysis. There are many
opportunities that JavaNet has by being the first of its kind in the area
and for the future with all the technology that is available to them.
JavaNet has set up a very strong business structure to build on. Their
knowledge of technology and what is needed for both customers and the
business will help them become successful.

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