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BUS 226 A Constantly Changing Job Paper






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A Constantly Changing Job
BUS 226
A Constantly Changing Job
An exciting and ever changing job would be to join the military. Being in
the military is a job that not everyone can do it will take dedication,
loyalty, and sacrifice. The job will allow many opportunities to explore
many different types of jobs and travel to many places. This is the job for
you if you have nowhere else to go.
The military offers one of the best benefit packages in the country. You
will be paid every two weeks regardless of how much time you take off.
You will get 30 days paid vacation every year. You are guaranteed a
chance at promotion all you have to do is meet the minimum time
requirements. A raise will also be granted every two years even if you do
not pick up rank. You have job security no layoffs. There will be free
medical provided for you and your family, this includes medicine and
dental. You will also get a $4500 dollar grant every year to attend the
college of your choice and if you decided to elect in to the GI Bill. You
can use it to go to school after you leave the military free of charge and it
will pay for your tuition and housing and give you a paycheck.
Training will be provided free of charge. You will be required to pass a
physical fitness test twice a year and during all schools prior to
completion. You will be required to go through a classroom portion of
training then you will receive on the job training in the working
environment with some very experienced people before being left to
work alone. The refresher training will be provided to you on a yearly and
as needed basis.
Performance standards will be held to the highest standards. You will
present yourself in a professional manner at all times. You will be
required to uphold all traditions and customs of the United States Military
and all countries that you visit. Defending the country and taking care of
the members of the military and their families will be your top priority.

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You will be required to leave and fight for your country and its allies
which may cause you to kill others and also may cause you to become
injured or even die in the process.
In conclusion, this is the perfect job if you do not know where your life is
heading and you need direction and structure in your life. If you fail to
uphold any of these task and physical standards you will be provided
training to get you up to speed and if you are still not up to par you will
be terminated.

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