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Understanding product demand and buyers

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IIM Lucknow


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IIML/PGPABM/2021 Understanding Marketing of Agriculture Inputs Prof. Sanjeev Kapoor Exercise 1: Product and Demand Characteristics of Agri-inputs ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ What are the salient product, demand and buyers’ characteristics of agriculture inputs, which have implications for sales and marketing for these products? Product characteristics – Implications? Demand characteristics – Implications? Buyers’ characteristics – Implications? Product Characteristics (a) Variation in the economic contribution or use in production - yield increasing: fertilizers, HYV seeds - yield saving: Pesticides, Insecticides, (a) Ex-ante application (preventive) (b) Ex-post application (control or curative) - Quality increasing: growth regulators Implications: - Buying behavior of famers, communication - More spontaneous buying in yield increasing inputs - Among the yield saving products, farmers are more interested in control or curative inputs as compared to preventive inputs - Buying preventive pesticides is generally considered as additional cost Product Characteristics (b) Differential economic life - used only for one production period (seed, fertilizer, pesticides) - repetitive demand (frequency of buying is high) - Impact evaluation period is small - over several production period (farm machinery) replacement demand search for new customers every year Impact evaluation period is large Implications: - CRM strategy Product Characteristics (c) Differentiation based on tech ...
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