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W5 compute a correlation coefficient

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Compute a Correlation Coefficient These data were entered into Microsoft Excel and the Pearson r test was used to determine the correlation coefficients. 1. Open your worksheet and prepare your data for analysis. 2. Click Data, click Data analysis to display the statistical options. 3. Select Correlation, click OK. 4. Complete the pop-up box, putting all variables in for the range and being sure to include labels. Select an output range. Click OK. 5. Format your output so that it is readable. You will see the output in the following form: Age Caffeine PupSize DSR Age 1 Caffeine 0.698762 1 PupSize 0.290856 0.574839 1 DSR 0.044288 0.386787 0.828967 1 DSF -0.15589 0.154034 0.53669 0.75811 DSF 1 This give you the correlation between each pair of variables, but it does not tell us if the relationship is significant. For that, we need to use a table of critical values for the Pearson Correlation to find whether the correlation is significant with p <= 0.05. Locate the appropriate table in your textbook or other source. In this example, df = n-2 = 28 (30 total observations for each coefficient), the test is twotailed, and we want an alpha = 0.05. 1. Going across the row for Level of Significance for Two-Tailed Test, find the column headed .05. 2. Under the column for df, move down to 28. 3. Moving across to intersect with level of significance, we find a critical value of 0.361. (Gravetter & Wallnau, 2014) 4. What this means, is that you need a correlation coefficie ...
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