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W5 lecture writing findings in a research paper

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Writing Findings in a Research Paper Here is an example of how you would write one of the significant findings in a results section of a research paper. The Pearson correlation analysis of caffeine consumption (M = 13.2 ounces, SD = 7.39) and pupil size (M = 3.78 mm, SD = 0.865) was significant, r = 0.575, p = 0.025. You may have noticed that the means and standard deviations are reported before the correlation coefficient is given. It is customary to report the descriptive statistics for significant results. Do you know what this significant correlation means? This analysis tells us the direction and strength of the relationship between the amount of caffeine consumed and the pupil size. It is a positive and significant correlation. It means that as caffeine consumption increases, the size of the pupil tends to increase. Remember that pupil size was a way to measure attention. Therefore, it can be concluded that as caffeine consumption increases, attention (as measured by pupil size) increases. Recall from your lectures in Week 3 how to run descriptive statistics using Microsoft Excel. See the information below to learn to run scatter plots, which give a visual representation of t ...
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