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Phase diagram and important alloys

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The University of Lahore
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ِ‫لَّ مِ مي‬ ‫مِ ح‬ ‫لَّ حِ مٰ مِ ر‬ ‫لّم ر‬ ‫ْ مِ ل‬ M.Shoaib MPHY01191034 MSc4(morning) Subject: INTRODUCTION To MATERIAL SCEINCE Topic: Phase diagrams of Fe-C system and other important alloys PHASE DIAGRAM: Phase diagrams are graphical representations of the phases present in an alloy at different conditions of temperature, pressure, or chemical composition. The diagram describes the suitable conditions for two or more phases to exist in equilibrium. For example, the water phase diagram describes a point (triple point) where water can coexist in three different phases at the same time. This happens at just above the freezing temperature (0.01°C) and 0.006 atm Using the Diagrams: There are four major uses of alloy phase diagrams:  Development of new alloys based on application requirements.  Production of these alloys.  Development and control of appropriate heat treatment procedures to improve the chemical, physical, and mechanical properties of these new alloys.  Troubleshooting problems that arise in application of these new alloys, ultimately improving product predictability. When it comes to alloy development, phase diagrams have helped prevent overdesign for applications. This keeps cost and process time down. They also help develop alternative alloys or same alloys with alternative alloying elements. It can help to reduce the need for using scarce, hazardous, or expensive alloying element ...
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