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Photoelectric compton and pair production

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Maryam Shafique Fazli Mphy01191001 Msc 4(morning) Subject INTRODUCTION OF MEDICAL PHYSICS Question# Interaction of photon with matter i. Coherent scattering I ii. Photoelectric scattering iii. Compton Scattering iv. Pair Production Interaction of photon with matter The interaction of photons with matter is probabilistic, while the interaction of charged particles is certain. – The atomic number and density of the material (electron density of the absorbing matter). In the photoelectric (PE) interaction, the photon is absorbed by an inner shell (e.g., K shell) electron of an atom. Photons travel some considerable distance before undergoing a more “catastrophic” interaction leading to partial or total transfer of the photon energy to electron energy. These electrons will ultimately deposit their energy in the medium. Photons are far more penetrating than charged particles of similar energy. Photon Interaction  Photon Interaction can penetrate the section of matter without interacting.  It can interact with the matter and be completely absorbed by depositing its energy.  It can interact and be scattered or deflected from its original direction and deposit part of its energy. Interaction probability linear attenuation coefficient, µ, The probability of an interaction per unit distance travelled Dimensions of inverse length. The coefficient µ depends on photon energy and on the material being traversed. mass attenuation coefficient, ρ µ The probabilit ...
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