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Types of magnetic material

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Maryam Shafique Fazli Mphy01191001 Msc 4(morning) Subject Solid State Physics Question#1 Write a note on Magnetic Materials types a) Feromagnetic materials b) Paramagnetic Materials c) Diamagnetic materials d) Antiferomagnetic Materials e) Ferimagnetic materials Feromagnetic materials The ferromagnetic materials are those substances which exhibit strong magnetism in the same direction of the field, when a magnetic field is applied to it. First, we have to know what a domain is. It is actually a tiny area in ferromagnetic materials with a specific overall spin orientation due to quantum mechanical effect. This effect is really exchange interaction. That is; when we consider some unpaired electrons, they will interact with each other between two atoms and they line up themselves in a tiny region with the direction of magnetic field (Figure 1). This mechanism of the ferromagnetic material is ferromagnetism. It can be defined as some materials (cobalt, gadolinium, iron etc) will become permanent magnet with the use of magnetic field. Properties of Ferromagnetic Materials  When a rod of this material is placed in a magnetic field, it rapidly aligns itself in the track of the field.  It is strongly attracted by the magnet.  The ferromagnetism mechanism is not present in liquids and gases.  The intensity of magnetization (M), magnetic susceptibility (χm), relative permeability (µr), and magnetic flux density (B) of this material will be always prominent an ...
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