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Dip image enhancement

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ALP 2307: REMOTE SENSING 2 - NOTES DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING - IMAGE ENHANCEMENT 1. Contrast Stretching 2. Filtering and Edge enhancement 3. Density Slicing, Thresholding, 4. IHS, Time Composite & Synergic Images Digital Image Processing-Image Enhancement Contrast stretching CONTRAST STRETCHING 1. Introduction Image enhancement is used to enhance the information available from an image for any specific purpose. The enhancement may be done either in the spatial domain or in the frequency domain. The frequency domain enhancement is based on the modification of the Fourier transformation of the original image. On the other hand, spatial domain enhancement involves manipulation of the pixels in an image from the image plane itself. This lecture explains the basics of image enhancement in the spatial domain. 2. Contrast stretching Contrast stretching is used to increase the dynamic range of the gray levels in the image. For example, in an 8-bit system the image display can show a maximum of 256 gray levels. If the number of gray levels in the recorded image spread over a lesser range, the images can be enhanced by expanding the number of gray levels to a wider range. This process is called contrast stretching. The resulting image displays enhanced contrast between the features of interests. For example, Fig. 1(a) shows the unstretched Landsat TM Band-5 image. The original image is vague. Fig. 1 (b) shows the contrast-stretched image. 1 Digital Image Processing-Image Enhance ...
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