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UNIVERSIDAD AUTÓNOMA DE NUEVO LEÓN PREPARATORIA 7 UNIDAD DE APRENDIZAJE: MI CONEXIÓN AL MUNDO EN OTRA LENGUA 2 ETAPA: 3 ACTIVIDADES DE REQUISIT0 FECHA:29/04/2021 NOMBRE: DAVID EMILIANO MERAZ GARCIA #31 407 ANSWER THE EXERCISES IN THE LEARNING GUIDE. TAKE A PICTURE AND PASTE THE IMAGE IN THE CORRESPONDING SECTION. DO NOT FORGET TO WATERMARK EACH ACTIVITY. Dimension 1 1. Complete the exercise 2 on page 70 on your learning guide. WATERMARK IT. * NOTES. 3. Watch the videos on the topics of “have to” and “be able to” on the following links: • have to • be able to ti ti ti ffi ti ti 4. Write the most relevant ideas on each of the topics about their: a. Use b. Conjuga on rules c. Gramma cal structure (a rma ve, nega ve, and interroga ve) Dimension 2 5. Complete the exercise 3 on page 64 on your learning guide. 6. Complete the exercise 5 on page 64 and 65 on your learning guide. Dimensión 3 • Complete the exercise 2 on pages 6 6 a n d 6 7 on your learning guide. Write 3 sentences for each sportsperson using “have to” to express an obliga on and/or “be able to” to express an ability related to the sportsperson in the chart. For example: “Lionel Messi has to train 48 hours a week”. ti “Usain Bolt is able to reach a speed of 100 km/hr running”. * NOTES. 7. Enter the following web pages where you will nd informa on on “Reported Speech or Indirect Speech” as well as prac ce exercises. INFORMATION: ○ Reported Speech ○ Grammar ...
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