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Bio 101 Prediction of Future






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Prediction of Future
Bio 101
Prediction of the future
In this paper I will be taking about the prediction of the future going
forward 5 million, 100 million and 200 million years into the future of this
planet earth. I decided to research and find scientific evidence to write
and explain what will occur in the future. I think everyone is eager to
know how this planet will evolve and what will happen to the human kind
and other living things. This is one of the questions that we will never
know or be accurate about. The more we know about our history the
better knowledge we have about the future and what will happen. History
always repeats itself this is why we learn as much as we can about the
past and study it so well, so we can predict the future.
By going into the future the climate of the earth is always going to be
changing and all living things are going adapting to the changes and
other species are evolved and others will die out because of it. “The
condition of the environment is the key of the living things in this earth
and plants are depend on it”(science nsa). The earth has to have a
certain amount of carbon dioxide, a change in this can have a big impact
on the living things and animals. “The temperature is also an important
role”(wired magazine), if the temperature keeps rising every year than
the plants will dry out and even cause global warming which we already
are facing. This will only be a disaster and we have to know how to solve
this problem and be aware. Water is another important part of all living
things because without it we can do anything or live without it. If the
temperature keeps going up there will be drier lands and plants will die
out and other places where there is snow will melt and be covered with
The “human era we live in today is in the 10,000 a warm spell a glacial
cycle of an Ice Age”(BOOK) It says that this will occurs again to the

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human era and the bad thing is that there is nothing we can do about it
and control it, this is why we why scientist go back to the history and find
how this happened and the ways we can prevent it from happening to
us. If this happens there will be no life on this planet and we will all die or
freeze to death, unless we find other ways or other planets we can go
and live and prevent all of this. But than again this is only a prediction
and this can always change or twist around.
When we look at the past we know that about 250 million years ago
there was a supercontinent called “Pangea” were the entire continent
were one mega mass of land. A scientist named Dr. Christopher Scotese
is saying “that all the continents will merge together again in about 150-
250 million years from now and history will repeat itself” but this is not for
sure because some changes can affect the time and the process of it.
We can only base our information on how the plat motion will continue
and make a prediction out of it but its only prediction and it’s not for
The earth is a complex solar system and its one of the most unique from
all of them and even though we live here, we are not sure what is going
to happen for certain, but we do go by the history of evolution and try to
make sense on how things will go and have some type of a prediction. It
may not be all accrued but it gives us a pretty good idea. The more we
know what will happen we can always get prepared for it and try to find
some ways to beat it.
I believe as time goes by we will be doing some more research and have
better “technology on how our earth exactly works and find ways maybe
to change the history around and make it our own” (Cosmo magazine).
There are some factors that we as humans cause the earth to not react
normal One is pollution this a major problem in big cities and has a big
impact on the environment and also on the earth. Other chemicals are
also harm to the earth and we still continue to basically destroy our
planet by not respecting it.
After all the reading that I have done and the research that I have found
on this topic I must say it was a really interesting to find out so much
about our planet and how it will repeat its history again. At first I didn’t
know how they would predict something like this but once you start
going over the materials and do research it starts to make a sense and
you get a basic idea about it. This is why our history is so important to

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use because it tells us a lot more than just the past but also helps us
understand the prediction of the future and how things will occurs and
why. Our past is our future.
The Future is Wild, Author; John Adams December 2, 2002

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