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Bourdieu s h 1

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2 S tru c tu re s and the h ab itu s M eth od ological o b jectivism , a necessary m om en t in all research, by the break w ith prim ary exp erien ce and th e con stru ction of ob jective relations w hich it acco m p lish es, d em and s its ow n su p ersession . In ord er to escap e the realism o f the structure, w h ich h ypostatizes system s of ob jective relations b y converting them in to to ta lities already con stitu ted ou tsid e o f in d iv id u a l h istory and group h istory, it is necessary to pass from th e opus operatum to the modus operandi, from statistical regularity or algebraic structure to the p rin cip le o f the produc tion of th is ob served order, and to con stru ct the theory of p ractice, or, more p recisely, th e theory of the m od e of gen eration of practices, w hich is the p recon d ition for estab lish in g an exp erim en tal scien ce o f the dialectic o f the internalization o f extern ality and the extem a liza tio n o f \n tem a lity, or, more sim p ly , o f in corporation an d ob jectification . A false dilem m a: mechanism an d finalism T h e stru ctu res con stitu tiv e o f a particular typ e o f en v iro n m en t (e.g . the m aterial co n d itio n s of ex isten ce characteristic of a class co n d itio n ) produce habitus, sy stem s o f d urable, transposable dispositions/ stru ctured structures p red isp osed to fu n ctio n as stru cturin g stru ctu res, that is, as p rin cip les o f the generation an d stru ctu rin g o f practices and ...
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