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Nola Pender: Health Promotion Model Students name Name of the school Class Date Nola Pender Biography  Dr. Nola Pender was born on 16th August 1941.  Her birthplace town is Lansing, Michigan, United States.  Her parents, devoted much of their time advocating to equal education opportunities for women.  Coming from such as concerned background made Dr. Nola to pursue her educational dreams to greater heights Biography  Nola’s attention was first drawn to nursing when she was 7 years old. This was after visiting her hospitalized aunt and see nurses taking care of her. She then developed the desire to help people who can’t take care of themselves, just like the nurses did. Education  Through the support of her parents, Pender went through the School of Nursing at the West Suburban Hospital in Illinois. In 1962, she successfully graduated with a diploma in nursing.  Her quest for education and determination to pursue nursing made her register for masters in degree, human growth in the Michigan state university. By 1965, she completed her master’s degree with flying colors. Continued  Again, Pender went ahead to advance her education at the Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Here, she graduated with a PhD in psychology and education in 1969.  During her doctorate studies, Pender did a dissertation research that investigated various developmental changes that affects the short-term memory of children. Later on, she completed her ...
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