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Lab 3 Settleable Matter. Total Solids

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Lab #3 Settleable Matter / Total Solids Students Name Group number Experiment Date Introduction The residue has an effect on water quality since they are solid matters that float in water. Residue effects the testiness of water and may cause and physiological effect upon consumption. Water that contains a lot of minerals cannot be used for industrial applications. The recommended amount of residue allowable for drinking water is 500mg/L. Water with more than this amount is unsuitable for drinking or bathing. The measure of residue that remains after evaporation of a sample is termed as Total residue. This can also be obtained by drying a sample in an oven at a certain temperature or by filtration. The water of crystallization and some mechanically occluded water are retained after a residue is dried at 1030C-1050C. Bicarbonate is converted to carbonate when carbon dioxide is lost. At this temperature it is hard to lose organic matters by volatilization and also to attain a constant weight is slow because the removal of occluded water is marginal at 1500C. Otherwise, at 1800C all the mechanically occluded water is lost and some crystallization water may be left behind. The organic matter lost by vitalization is not completely destroyed. The bicarbonates are converted to carbonates which may be decomposed partially to oxides or basic salts while some chloride and nitrate salts may be lost. The amount of total residue achieved at 1800C is equaled to the amount obtained throu ...
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