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BUS 475 Social Performance Part 1- Draft Studios Inc




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BUS 475 Social Performance Part 1- Draft Studios Inc
Running Head: Social Performance, Part 1
Business; Business and Society – BUS 475
The company Draft Studios Incorporated is a medium size private
organization which specializes in computer animation films and provides
media trade show graphics on a small scale. Draft Studios Inc. provides
animated realistic renderings by local artists to Hollywood producers and
provides quality printed graphics to companies for trade shows and
media outposts. Draft Studios Inc. currently employs just over 3,000
employees and has annual earnings of $275 million with share price at
$59.00 per share. The company is committed in becoming a top provider
of animated material and story boards to the Hollywood market and a
market leader in implementing an industry-standard of high quality
images to its customers. Draft Studios Inc. is dedicated on doing its part
in being a good corporate citizen and has established goals to begin a
educational foundation that directly encourage young students interest in
becoming graphic designer, artists, and computer animators.
The primary stakeholders for Draft Studios Inc. includes stockholders,
creditors, customers, suppliers and employees, each share a unique
relationship with the company in the form of a two way exchange. The
relationship between the company and its stockholders is that the
stockholders invest money in to the company and the company pays
back on their return on investments. The role of the stockholder is to
exercise voting rights based on share ownership and to exercise their
rights to inspect the company books and records, stockholders have the
ability to promote a negative or positive influence on the company
(Lawrence and Weber, 2012), as it is in the best interest of the
stockholders to assist Draft Studios Inc. in achieving its goals since the
success of the company will benefit them as well.
The relationship between the company and its creditors is the same
bond in any other partnerships. Creditors lend money to Draft Studios
Inc. for multiple projects and collect payment and interest from the

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company. Their main goal is to assist Draft Studios Inc. financially and
achieving its goals to his customers. The creditors could potentially have
a negative influence on the company if it were to call in loans when or if
payment were not received on time. The creditors may have the ability to
repossess company assets in a severe delinquency situation (Lawrence
and Weber, 2012).
The relationship between Draft Studios Inc. and its suppliers is simply
that they provide equipment, services, energy and needed supplies for
conducting necessary daily business. Draft Studios Inc. supply
department makes orders and the procurement department pays the bill
to the suppliers. The suppliers may have a negative influence on the
company if the suppliers decided to refuse shipment of the necessary
items to conduct business if conditions are less than satisfactory. If Draft
Studio Inc. cannot meet the demands of their customers, they may end
up going to their competitors.
The relationship between the Draft Studios Inc. and its customers is very
important and possibly the most important as without the customer, there
would not be a Draft Studios Inc. Draft Studios Inc. provides a fair
exchange of service and product for a monetary exchange. The main
role of the customer is to be willing to buy the service and products from
Draft Studios Inc., if customers were to purchase goods from other
companies this would have a negative impact for the business
(Lawrence and Weber, 2012).
The employees of Draft Studios Inc. are the backbone to ensuring the
business is performing to its best ability. This relationship is very
important to the organization as the employees contribute to the success
of the company by utilizing their skills and expertise in exchange for
wages, benefits and professional development in the form of certificates,
training and quality equipment to perform their duties. The employees of
Draft Studios play a positive role in providing great service to our
customers, other stakeholders and community. At the same time,
employees posses information about the company that may give it a
negative impact if certain scandals come to light by the media or other
organizations. The company has a responsibility to maintain a good
relationship with all the primary stakeholders because of the economic
transactions they share that enables the company to carry out its primary
purpose of providing the society with goods and services (Lawrence and
Weber, 2012).

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