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Nurse Staffing Ratio 1

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Running head: NURSE STAFFING RATIO Nurse Staffing Ratio Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation 1 NURSE STAFFING RATIO 2 Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management: Nursing Staff Ratios Introduction Nurse staffing ratios have been the topic of discussion within our hospitals as well as legislative level. With the dissatisfaction of nurses and a continuous increase in shortages of nurses, it is difficult to believe in the near future that this problem has a resolution. There is understaffing and overworking of nurses, who lack support from a staffing standpoint together with individual wellness view. It is unrealistic for an individual to expect these nurses to continue working under these adverse conditions and fail to become physically and emotionally burnt out. If a nurse lacks enough support, it is inconsiderable to expect them to offer efficient, safe, and continuous patient care. It is necessary for the nurse to maintain their physical and mental well-being. This paper discusses nursing staff ratios issue that has been increasing within the nursing profession and what nursing managers and leaders together with federal or organization support have been executed to find a resolution. How nursing leaders and managers would approach the selected issue For several decades, nurse-to-patient ratios issue has been a concerning debate in hospitals. According to Nurse Staffing Ratios (2013), high rate of nurse staffing reduces the morbidity of the patient, reduces ...
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