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BUS 475 Strategic Planning Part I




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BUS 475 Strategic Planning Part I
Strategic Plan, Part 1
BUS 475
Strategic Plan, Part 1
The business that I would start is called Model Incorporated and offer
superior Information Technology products and services to small,
medium, and large sized businesses with information technology and
security needs. However, our focus is our ongoing security and
supporting roles for companies who use voice over internet protocol or
VOIP services. A recent article in PC Magazine explains that “issues get
worse with VOIP calls, which have all of the security issues of the
Internet and personal computing. If the person you're calling has a
conventional phone line, you've got both kinds of security threats”
(Spector, p. 1). As the technology for VOIP expands more cybercriminals
will attempt to steal any bit of information that they feel my be profitable if
sold to another firm or used by the criminal enterprise in course of a day.
Spector continues from page two stating “the digital data of a VOIP call
can be intercepted anywhere along the complicated path from your
router through the multiple servers until it goes out to the analog phone
network. Assuming your VOIP service doesn't encrypt calls, whoever
intercepts it can listen to it… (Spector, p. 2)”
Model, Inc. started as a small local network repair company until landing
an account with Chase Bank in Arizona 10 years ago that changed
everything. Mr. Model created the firm using his values and ethics and
as time went by the compliance department changed a few policies but
Integrity has been and always will be the most important character trait
that Mr. Model wanted to instill in his company and employees. By
employing the latest technologies and securities to the networks we
protect a quick, safe and successful transition from Land Line to VOIP
can be ensured. Nearly all transitions are completed within 10 working
days including the days spent meeting with the clients and clarifying
customers expectation. Generally Podel Inc. incorporates the existing

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technologies or phone systems with the new technologies or phone
system seamlessly. This is an example of the way Podel Inc. builds
rapport and trust with their customers by under promise and over deliver
in every facet of every transaction with a customer.
The employees of modell Inc. believe in their mission statement: To be
the leading Information Technology and Security firm by providing the
best customer service individualized programing, continuing support and
follow-up, as well as corporate education seminars. The vision for this
organization that clearly demonstrates our Mission Statement and how
model Inc. strives become in the future is to be the leader of Voice-Over
Internet Protocol security by creating a safe and easy to operate
environment online for our customers. This will be ensured by
maintaining our competitive advantage that we created by recruiting,
hiring, and keeping the top talent in the Information Technology field.
model, Inc. uses integrity as their guiding principle. The term Integrity is
used frequently when considering Information Security as it is represents
one of the primary indicators of security (or lack of it).Integrity has a dual
purpose and meaning for employees and customers of Podel, Inc.
Integrity does not only mean that our customers will receive the truth
from us but the assurance that the information is authentic and complete
when the data is transferred using the VOIP as well. “Ensuring that
information can be relied upon to be sufficiently accurate for its purpose.
The integrity of data is not only whether the data is 'correct', but whether
it can be trusted and relied upon.”(, 1).An example of why
making copies of a sensitive e-mailing threatens both confidentiality and
the integrity of the operation because one or more copies in insecure
unencrypted hands places the information at risk of change or
Continual education in tolerance helps with diversity, acceptance, and
understanding thru a diverse workplace that praises the characteristics
that make one ethnicity different from another yet the workplace builds
bonds and creates comradely that otherwise would not have occurred.
Employees of Podel Inc. use each other’s experiences to learn about
other cultures and the Podel Inc. culture which overtime becomes
second nature. . These differences are used to show that some values
and ethics are taught and understood differently from others and
considering the topics of culture, social responsibility, and ethics
individualism will only hurt the organization. Podel Inc. has integrity

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because every employee has learned the behaviors of good work ethics,
being honest, taking care of problems before the customers realize a
problem exists, and accepting criticism as a learning opportunity.
Podel Inc.'s vision, mission, and values guide the organization’s strategic
direction by assuring the customers’ needs are the most important task
above anything else. If employees are not helping a customer they
should be supporting those who are. Having integrity means speaking
the truth and owning responsibility without blaming others. This
statement is learned in ethics review courses and several days are
dedicated to gaining customer and employee trust simply by doing what
you say you will, when you say it will be completed, and following up to
make sure the customer is satisfied with the result. It is understood that
not everyone expects the same result and if our customer are not
satisfied, we will fix the problems. Employees who can be firm yet fair
with our customers are trained for the management program and used
as mentors for new hires less than one year with model Inc.
model Inc. addresses customer needs prior to taking on a project by
using programmers, network security engineers, salespeople, and an
intermediary to discuss what the customer is looking for with the techies
and make sure before during, after and the months following
implementation everyone knows what the customer expects from us and
a contact always is available to get clarification if needed. The recruiting,
hiring, molding, and most importantly having the ability to keep the most
talented programmers, engineers, managers, salespeople, and customer
service representatives in the information technology and security field is
how model Inc. achieves a lasting competitive advantage over the other
organizations that call themselves leaders in the industry.
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March 20 2012
Spector, Lincoln. Is VOIP Secure? PC Magazine Online March 14, 2011
Retrieved March 23, 2012

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