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Bus 475 Week 2 Individual Assignment Strategic Plan, Part I Conceptualizing a Business






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Bus 475 Week 2 Paper Strategic Planning Part 1 Conceptualizing a
“We’ve got Passion for Fashion and Fun”. This is an All in one Salon;
this is the name I have chosen for my new business. The reason for the
name is that this business is more than just one; my business consists of
several entities. You will find anything you are looking for in my salon,
starting from hair styles to having fun with your new makeover dancing
the night away in the night club next door. You will find different haircuts
for anyone in the family, all ages. Hundreds of hairs styles you can pick
from, short or long. We also do nails; any design free hand to water
nails, even customers designs will be welcomed. This all in one business
has a verity of offerings for many people.
This business will be a convenience to many people in many different
ways. Customers will have the options from having a drink while getting
their hair and nails done, to going and having dinner with your family
next door, having the freedom of dropping their children off in the child
care arcade room, and going with your partner to have a non-worry night
at the night club next door. The best part is you could purchase an “all in
one” ticket, to just paying a cheap price for any individual service. You’re
“all in one ticket will get you a haircut, your hair styled, dinner, four hours
of arcade for your child and all you can drink at my night club for the low
price of only ninety five dollars. The individual haircuts, styles, nails and
etc. will be at a low cost also, prices ranging on haircuts from four dollars
for kids to sixty for adults; nails starting at fifteen dollars to fifty, and so

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The outlook I perceive for my new business is to attract tourist,
celebrities and famous people. I would like for people to come back
without having a doubt that their service will be excellent. The
entertainment level will be above any other salon in the area. After a few
years I would like to start opening a salon in every state with one at the
convenience to everyone. Even though it might be too expensive for
some people we will make a payment plan. This will help us aim for
having all types of customers from all over the world. If the payment plan
works we can start adding memberships so that regular customers can
come back weekly or monthly depending on what service they would
My business would hopefully be one that is popular all over the world. I
would want it to be known for not only the fun and games but for the best
service that the customers have ever received. With salons all over the
U.S. at everyone’s convenience I would have a high confidence that
everything would work out the way I planned. News would spread and
people would quickly know about my salon. Although customers might
not come in quickly, I believe that in the end my salon would be booming
with lots of talk and customers from famous to regular people off the
street. Advertising is going to be in places where everyone can see and
be interested.
I know that if I want my advertising to be seen easily I will have to spend
a big amount of the profit I make, but in the end it will be well worth
having thousands and thousands of satisfied customers in my salon. I
will not bring my goals down because the higher I aim for the more I will
be successful at what I want to do with my salon. If I didn’t set high goals
I don’t think that my salon business would be as successful as I plan, but
in the end with the money spent well in advertising and making sure that
the things are ran smoothly every penny will be well worth it. A satisfied
customer leads to a satisfied owner, and that is what my whole business
is about. The fact that we make our customers look better and feel better
about themselves is just a plus on our part as well as theirs.

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