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Final Exam Chem

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1. A student collected the following data for a fixed volume of gas: Temperature (⁰C) Pressure (mm of Hg) 10 726 20 750 40 800 70 880 100 960 150 ??? Fill in the missing data point. Show all calculations leading to an answer. P1 = 750; T1 = 20 + 273 = 293K T2 = 150 + 273 = 423 K . P1T2 = P2 T1 P2 = P1T2 750  423 = = 1082.76 mm Hg T1 293 1083mmHg 2. You are given a clear solution of KNO3. Using 3 – 4 sentences (in your own words) explain how you would determine if the solution is unsaturated, saturated or supersaturated. To determine if a solution is unsaturated, saturated, or supersaturated you would add more of the solute. If you add more the solute is dissolved, the solution is still unsaturated. If adding solute does not dissolve the solute, the solution is currently saturated. But, adding more solute, if precipitation of the solute happens, then the solution is supersaturated. 3. Explain why gasoline will not dissolve in water. Gasoline will not dissolve in water because it is polar and water is nonpolar. This means that their molecule is not attracted to each other. Materials that are polar are attracted to other that are polar materials. 4. Explain in 3 – 4 sentences (in your own words) how perspiration helps keep you cool on a hot day. Perspiration on your skin keeps you cool due to evaporation. As sweat evaporates, heat is from the body is absorbed to enhance the process. The heat is dissipated as the sweat escapes the skin surface leav ...
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