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BUS 475 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Communication Plan Outline






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Communication Plan Outline
BUS 475

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Communication Plan Outline
A solid communication plan is important in the strategic planning process. The proper
communication creates a focused environment by keeping the organization informed of the
company’s direction. The communication plan is designed to build confidence that management
can articulate the company’s direction, which reassures the employees that the company is on the
right track. The plan lists its objectives and ideas, the tools that will be used to complete them,
and the people that are involved in the communication plan.
Continuing to Evolve
When articulating the direction the company is headed management must provide some
contextual information. The context of the strategic plan creates a level set by revisiting prior
strategic goals and measuring progress. It is important to remember that the strategic plan is an
evolution, and the journey started when the company opened for business. This
acknowledgement of the achievements made is the plan, provides the platform to launch the new
strategic message, while congratulating the organization on their accomplishments.
The Communication Approach
When communicating a strategic plan the team believes that the simplest approach will
gain the most traction and buy-in. Therefore, the waterfall approach is the best method of
comprehension and adoption. This communication approach provides each level of the
organizational structure the relevant detail needed to execute their role in the plan. Providing a
tiered detail approach of the plan will create the structure needed for the target audience without
distractions allowing for a simple and focused message. Communication is very important to
have a successful team. If there is no communication, the team members will not know what is

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going on, or if there is a problem. A team that communicates effectively will be more successful.
As our team reaches the final week, it is important to delegate who will complete selected parts
of the final paper. Informing the team members on which parts each person would like to
complete will reduce the amount of work the others will have to do.
Communication Tools Team C will use will be:
Learning Team Chat Room
Texting and Phone Calls
School Library
News stories ( TV and printed)
Conference Calls
Fliers and brochures we can upload or download
Company information and materials
Web sites and social media
The Message
While a strategic plan consists of many details and inputs it is important that each target
audience receives a tailored message. The communication should focus around 5 key messages
complete with the purpose (increased sales), budget (if applicable) allocated, timeframe, who is
responsible, and as equally important the tool (event, PowerPoint, promotional material) that will
aid in delivering the message. To provide guidance a roadmap with complete milestones will
outline the action plan included with assigned tasks to ensure execution.
Finally, the last section of the communication will include the evaluation process. This
process informs all employees what the measures are, and how it will be used to facilitate
communication throughout the year, updating the progress of the strategic plan. Evaluation is

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