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Bus 475 Week 5 Paper Final Strategic Plan and Presentation






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Bus 475 Week 5 Paper Final Strategic Plan and Presentation
Final Strategic Plan and Presentation
Conceptualizing a Business
In today’s society of ever changing needs and trends, a person or
business might find themselves lost in the constant overflow of
information and the opinions of millions of people collaborating amongst
each other. The right path to follow financially is unique to every single
individual and business client. Toro Financial Group is a financial
services group that provides professional financial advice and leadership
to consumers and businesses. The mission of Toro Financial is to
provide the utmost professional advice big or small, but at the same time
fulfilling the unique needs of consumers and business clients making it
easy to understand. Ensuring the valuable advice is sustainable
throughout time will help ensure a strong foundation for future
generations to come.
Some of the products that Toro Financial offers range from 401(k) plans
and mutual funds all the way to life insurance and wealth management
solutions. The company offers a range of services including advisory
services as well as around the clock customer service for account
inquiries and statements. The firm also has a web-based system that
offers a custom advisory wizard that pinpoints the needs of our clients
through a series of questions that reveals their financial snapshot. With
over 80 years of history, Toro Financial has already laid the rock hard
foundation of trust with clients holding accounts well over 40 to 50 years
in time passing it down from generation to generation with our trust and
estate planning solutions. The “strategic management of the company
sets up a set of actions…” of our company “…that result in the
formulation and implementation of plans” (Pearce 3) that are designed to
keep the company sustainable and fulfill the objectives of the company
but most importantly our clients.
Without the dedication of the company and the dedicated advisors
within, the mission statement would have no backbone. It is the vision of
the company for the future and the changes that are going to happen
indefinitely that keep Toro Financial trustworthy and dependable when

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the client needs us the most. “Whether or not the mission statement
explicitly states these goals, it reflects the firm’s intention to secure
survival through growth and profitability” (Pearce 28). The vision
statement is what puts the mission statement plan in motion and puts
what is written on paper into actions that are seen by the client day in
and day out.
A vision statement is “a statement that presents a firm’s strategic intent
designed to focus the energies and resources of the company on
achieving a desirable future” (Pearce 37). For Toro Financial group, the
vision statement is the promise that to uphold the security and well being
of our clients, we will strive to provide the best advisory solutions and fit
our clients with the best products and services without being a fee driven
firm. With Toro Financial following this vision statement, the mission
statement plan will most definitely be put into action.
Law abiding beliefs are what lays the foundation for a good company;
Toro Financial follows the same guiding principles that helped found the
firm in 1931. “Business ethics concerns the application of general ethical
principles and standards to the actions and decisions of companies and
the conduct of company personnel” (Pearce 239). The ethical principals
give the firm respect and ultimately exhibit the same for our clients.
Some of the guiding principles and values that the company focuses on
to ensure the maintenance of a strong ethical background for the
company are dedication to quality of service, efficient advisory services,
sustainability, and integrity. We believe the core minimums to be
unacceptable in today’s evolving society and economy, so we set the bar
extra high when we perform the services that we do. The quality of
service is an ever-hungry attitude for constant improvement on the way
we conduct business. There will never be a time where we will not ask
the client is there anything we can be doing better in our meeting here
today or any suggestions on improving our products and services.
Efficient advisory services ensure that the client will not be stuck in the
wrong product when another product could be giving them either a
greater rate of return for their portfolio or more beneficial features could
be reaped in another type of fund for a client. Sustainability reinforces
the belief that in order to obtain long-term prosperity for the client as well
as the firm, business partners, and the general public is the number one
priority in satisfying and fulfilling needs for. Community involvement is
always a critical point in the firm’s chain of functions; sponsorship for

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many of the top charity organizations including Helping Hands and
United Way are just few of the many organizations Toro Financial
supports generously and has been for many years.
The mission statement, vision statement, and the stated values of the
firm provide the strong foundation and framework where all of the
functions of the firm will take place. Toro Financial’s mission statement,
vision statement, and set of powerful values and ethical standards guide
the organization’s strategic direction in where we will be not only five to
ten years from now, but in the next several generations of family the
client holds dearest. Toro Financial believes that uncovering the needs of
the client and fulfilling them by providing the correct financial products
and services, will always be the correct strategy to take. Taking the
whole picture of the client’s financial picture is far more personal and
down to earth than ‘selling’ individual products to the client. The vision
statement effectively relates to the mission statement, but puts the
blueprint to work and it succeeds at doing its job, all while letting the
values of Toro Financial group shine bright. Internal company activities
as well as the advisory services providing each day to the thousands of
customers are all aligned together by these statements of business,
providing a place where everything comes together all under one roof.
Competition is almost expected by Toro Financial Advisory Group; it
helps fuel the company’s drive to perfection as well as exhibit what the
firm has to offer looking in on the outside of it all. Achieving competitive
advantage will help ensure that the company remains on top of
competitors and diverts clients thinking about moving their investment
vehicles elsewhere to other financial institutions. Keeping the firm apart
from other firms is not an easy task to achieve, especially when trends
change almost on a month-to-month basis. Keeping up with trends of
what consumers demand out of a business is the key to survival in the
financial world for Toro and this will help ensure customer retention for
years to come. Toro Financial Group will strive to be the best it can be at
providing effective and trustworthy financial advice to grandfathers and
their grandchildren’s grandchildren.
SWOTT Analysis
Toro Financial Group is a financial services group that provides
professional financial advice and leadership to consumers and
businesses. The mission of Toro Financial is to provide the utmost

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