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Mgt 498 Final Paper Riordan Manufacturing Strategic Plan






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Mgt 498 Final Paper Riordan Manufacturing Strategic Plan
Present a completed strategic plan to the board of directors for Riordan Manufacturing.
Outline your strategic plan for Riordan Virtual Organization in a 20- to 30-slide presentation using
Microsoft® PowerPoint®.
Describe why Riordan needs a plan, and walk the audience through
every step in the strategic management process.
Include ethical considerations, environmental scanning for competitive advantages, innovation and
sustainability considerations, measurement guidelines, internal dynamic and resource considerations
for strategy implementation, and what feedback considerations Riordan should put into place to
ensure the success of the company.
Mgt 498 Final Paper
Riordan Manufacturing
Strategic Plan
MGT 498
Introduction 3
Background 3
Internal Structure 4
Background to the Vision, Mission Statement, and Strategic Objectives 6
Environmental Scan 7
Vision, Mission Statement, and Values 8
Vision 8
Values 8
Mission Statement 9
Our Focus 9

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Our Customer Relationships 9
Our Employees 9
Our Future 9
SWOT Analysis 10
Key Success Factors 11
Driving Forces 12
Strategic Objectives 13
Meeting Critical Success Factors and Strategic Objectives 15
Strategic Objectives Actions Plans 17
Reference 18
Riordan’s Strategic Plan will provide the framework to guide
stakeholders and management to meet and exceed strategic objectives
of the organization. As the plan period progresses, the plan may change
dependent upon policy change, leadership change, and/or industry
This plan concludes Riordan’s discussions concentrating on any
challenges to ensure the organization can meet expectations of
stakeholders. The management of Riordan will use this strategic plan for
direction in achieving objectives.
The plan includes the following key points which will guide the direction
of the organization:
▪ Vision;
▪ Mission statement;
▪ Environmental Scanning;
▪ Critical Success Factors;
▪ Strategic objectives; and

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▪ Strategic objectives’ action plans.
Riordan Manufacturing is a Fortune 100 company that employs over 550
employees and is a leader in the plastics industry (University of Phoenix,
2012). Accordingly, team B’s discussion centered around the mission,
which concentrates on four areas:
• Focus – by exceeding industry standards;
• Customers – offering stellar customer service;
• Staff – maintaining a qualified and team oriented staff;
• Future – maintaining profitability to sustain growth.
Additionally, given that the company has several domestic locations
throughout the United States might mention where they are any
overseas connections, the team must had to take into account how to
create a plan that will best capture the best performance from all.
Internal Structure
Riordan has three levels of management structure:
• Executive,
• Senior Vice-President, Research & Development,
• Chief Operation Officer.
Riordan has nine main divisions as follows: an Organization Chart can
help display this information.
• Sales & Marketing
o Custom Plastics
o Plastic Beverage Containers
o Fans
o International
• Transportation

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