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Organization Retention And Motivation Plan

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Running head: ORGANIZATIONAL RETENTION AND MOTIVATION PLAN Organization Retention and Motivation Plan Name: Affiliation: Course Code: February 2, 2019 1 ORGANIZATIONAL RETENTION AND MOTIVATION PLAN 2 Introduction Websco is a Multinational Company that has been experiencing staff turnover for a number of years. This trend got the entire management worried because they were losing a lot of revenue as a result. Therefore, this led them to contract me as a human resource and they contracted me as a consultant to help them get a solution to this re-current problem. Organization Behaviour that Impact on Retention and Motivation It is important to have a human resource strategic plan because it plays an important role in showing how productive the organization is because most business today depends on people to earn their profits. However, it is critical to note that a human resources strategic plan goes a long way in enabling the organization to make good decisions about the people working for them. According to Meyers and Van (2014), management philosophy refers to the kind of an idea that is used to articulate a person’s judgment on best management exercise. An organization philosophy is glue that joins everyone in an organization so that they can attain excellence. Leadership traits include the ability to inspire, motivate, and influence. Management skills include the ability to plan, organize, and direct. Without being led as well as managed, organizations face the thre ...
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