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E Portfolio Target Audience

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Running head: E-PORTFOLIO TARGET AUDIENCE E-Portfolio Target Audience Name Course Institution Date 1 E-PORTFOLIO TARGET AUDIENCE 2 E-Portfolio Target Audience My e-portfolio will act as my personal brand statement to the target audience. The target audience for my product will be employers, teachers as well as my fellow students. As such, I want them to get a picture of a highly committed individual who is able to solve problems whenever faced with challenges. As such, my final product will have adequate artifacts to demonstrate and showcase my abilities, skills and tremendous growth that I have undergone throughout my college life. For this reason, I would design my e-portfolio in such a way that, it will be easy for the target audience to view all the information contained in it. This way, the good public image will be created and the target audience will be able to determine my personality and capabilities. Employers will be able to determine how I have grown over time as well as the skills and abilities I have developed as a result of the knowledge I have gained in school. The inclusion of resumes and volunteer experience in my e-portfolio will enable the employers to get ...
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