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Professional Development Program Proposal.

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Running head: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM PROPOSAL Professional Development Program Proposal Name Tutor Institution Course Date 1 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM PROPOSAL 2 Introduction Currently, Tesla, Inc. needs to implement a program which will ensure inclusion by establishing a workforce which constitutes a multicultural team of; people of all age groups, different genders, and people of different sexual orientations. The company also needs to fine-tune its internal communication, and implement a fair compensation structure which ensures that employees are fairly compensated regardless of their gender. Even though current leaders’ approach is considered successful due to the transformational approach, there are still aspects which need streamlining, especially gender and LGBTQ inclusion, given that members of the LGBTQ community and women have previously come forward to accuse the company of discrimination. Therefore, Tesla needs to implement a program which encourages managers to adopt emotional intelligence (EI) which will result to corporate culture change. When focusing on increasing sales and maximizing profits, the company should also prioritize meeting employees’ financial and emotional needs of fair pay and a sense of belonging regardless of their differences. Tesla Inc. should implement a Leaderlab program which would focus on ensuring that all leaders adopt effective leadership skills which focus on self-awareness, leadership, innovation, change, ...
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